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9th February 2016 |
9th February 2016
Nicky Walker - Senior Marketing Developer

Go local

No matter what business you’re in getting close to your customers is a must.

However, achieving that can be tricky, especially if you’re in one part of the country and they’re in another.

One way of showing customers they’re at the front of your thoughts is by setting up a local phone number. It’s in addition to your existing number and it has lots of benefits:

  • You can operate as many local numbers as you like
  • You can make your business a ‘national’ one without adding premises or people
  • Customers feel more comfortable dialling a local number rather than an area code they don’t recognise (and which might be expensive)
  • You don’t need additional lines and there’s no extra line rental, no matter how many phone numbers you have
  • You can take your numbers with you if you move and there’s no extra expense – you just re-route your numbers to your new premises
  • As well as using local press and radio you can advertise on Yell, which only features local numbers
  • You can check how your business is performing in different areas.

What’s more, a local number on your website can help increase your ranking with the larger search engines.

“03” numbers

Operating an 0333 or 0800 number has its advantages, too.

For example, you can assume a national presence while making sure your customers pay local rates for their calls (03) or receive them free (0800).

At Connect we have a full range of local and 08 numbers (freephone, local rate and premium rate).

So, if you’ve got questions just get in touch.

Call us on 0330 3333 777 (we like to talk) or
email: info@connect-communications.co.uk

Meanwhile, here’s wishing your business every success.

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