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To thrive you need a service that’s efficient, accurate, reliable and flexible.

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First-class outsourced customer service is essential to every business.

Businesses across a wide range of sectors throughout the UK trust Connect as their outsourced customer service partner, confident that our team will expertly handle their customers’ calls. We are committed to not only meeting but exceeding expectations in customer service outsourcing.

At Connect, we pride ourselves on our exceptional reputation, a testament to years of dedication to serving a huge range of businesses across the country. Our journey has been characterised by continuous improvement and a deep understanding of what it takes to deliver first-class customer service.

Our sophisticated systems are specifically designed for customer service outsourcing, capable of adapting to a wide array of requirements and challenges, ensuring that we meet each client’s unique needs with precision and efficiency.

We recognize that in outsourced customer service, both the pace of transactions and the quality of interactions are crucial. Our holistic approach focuses on delivering outstanding service that enhances customer satisfaction and reflects the core values of the leading customer service outsourcing companies.

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Great customer service comes from having a great team

We can help you:

  • present the best possible face to the outside world
  • establish and enhance an essential relationship
  • provide an important advantage when generating future business.

Our customer service teams can answer calls and field questions on anything from delivery schedules to stock levels, shipping charges to availability. The customer service representatives working at Connect can process orders by taking callers through online forms, process payments and much more.

Our experienced operators ensure a smooth process from start to finish, taking time to understand your customers’ needs. When you outsource customer service to us, you can be certain that we focus our efforts on customer experience and customer satisfaction.

Call us on 0330 3333 777 or apply online now for a free trial of up to 30 days.

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Outsource your customer service with free 30 day trial

We offer all new enquiries a completely free, no obligation, trial of all our call answering services.

We ask for no card details and no commitment to continue past the trial period, just that you try it so you can see what a benefit it can be to your business. Call us on 0330 3333 777 or

Why choose our call centre outsourcing services

Connect is UK based

Everyone has a horror story about call centre outsourcing services that they just could not hear or understand.

Don’t worry: our professionally trained and dedicated team are all UK based so your callers won’t wonder if you have moved halfway around the world.

Call centre experience you can trust

Connect has been providing call centre services for nearly twenty years and many of our team have been answering calls with us for ten years or more. If you decide to outsource customer service to us, our friendly team will be there to support you and your customers when you need it most.

Our team know that every call could be an important business opportunity for your small business and treat each one accordingly.

At Connect, we aim for continuous improvement, we invest in our team and recruit people who will stay with us and get to know our customers and their callers. We answer thousands of incoming calls every week and pride ourselves on giving each one that personal touch.

Customised solutions

We understand that every small business is different. That’s why our service isn’t run on call scripts and templates. Our dedicated customer service team will work with you to create a bespoke service for whatever your business requires.

Our outsourced call centre services offer multi-level customer service processes that can help you provide excellent customer service when you need it the most. Yes, our agents are trained and are fluent in handling difficult callers. Our contact centres will form part of your team with the aim of maintaining customer satisfaction.

Outsourced call centre pricing

Our pay monthly pricing model means that we don’t charge for those unwanted, obvious sales calls, we just, very politely make them disappear.

When outsourcing customer service you may find some providers charge by time spent on each call but that sometimes leads to the question of whether that call really needed to take that long.

Our pricing is cost effective, transparent and flexible: We offer a range of packages that include anything from as few as five to many thousands of inbound calls each month. The best thing is that you can easily move from one package to another as your business demands change. Maybe your incoming call volumes are lower in the winter months; maybe you need some extra help during the summer holidays?

You are in complete control with your call centre outsourcing and can move up and down the range of pricing packages to choose the one that is most cost effective for you.


Our main aim is to support you with business growth, as our clients grow they can do so with systems and pricing that can be changed to suit your business needs.

Connect’s telephone answering service can grow with your business, all the way from from those early days when you just needed help with a few business calls or overflow calls that you can’t catch on your own, all the way through to an outsourced call centre solution designed to your owns business requirements.

Who we have helped:

Online Furniture Store: Customer Service Outsourcing Case Study

Our new client is based in North Wales but does not have premises for the public to visit as all furniture is displayed and sold online only via their website.

They were finding that many of the phone calls they were answering were repetitive in nature but still took up a lot of their time. Most phone calls related to delivery queries, items arriving damaged, return enquiries or payment problems; all of which are now dealt with by Connect’s call handlers.

For return enquiries, our operators simply advise callers to email customer service, as they need the return request in writing. Likewise, if an item arrives damaged, photographs must be emailed as well.

For potential new customers, we take their postcode (so delivery charges can be calculated), product name and contact details.

Furniture assembly

Page Last Updated: April 19th, 2024