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But, what sets us apart is our clear and transparent pricing structure – and the fact that we only charge for ‘productive’ calls.

That means we don’t charge for fielding sales calls, wrong numbers or enquiries not relevant to your business.

calls answered by Connect in December 2017

Recent News from the Connect Office

It’s a New Year so time to take a look at our stats from 2017 and forward to 2018

The festive period is finally over and it’s time for us all to get back to work but before we do let’s take a look at some of our call answering figures for last year:

  • Total calls answered by Connect in 2017 was 345,274
  • Our busiest month was March with 32,489
  • Quietest month, as usual, was December with 23,141

We welcomed new clients from all over England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, ranging from almost every business sector imaginable.

Within the office in 2018 we are happy to be welcoming back to our Customer Service team Leona Garland, who has been on maternity leave for the past year, but sad to be losing our team leader Nicky Thomson who has decided to move back home to Germany after nearly 20 years in the UK.


2018 New Year
Which telephone numbers will cost you the most to call?

One question which keeps arising when we speak with clients and potential clients about our smart numbers is “how much will they cost callers?”

We realised there are a lot of questions regarding different telephone number prefixes and following a chance conversation regarding 118 costs, our blog author decided to write a rather large article covering the subject.

Which UK telephone number prefix is free, which ones will cost the same as calling your next door neighbour and which ones can cost over £18 for a 3 minute call? Find out here

Charges vary from telephone number prefix

Recent New Clients

Broadband Provider (October 2017)
Installing satellite broadband dishA residential and business communications company that provides fibre speed broadband to rural areas of Northern Ireland with speeds of up to 50Mb. The super-fast broadband is not actually delivered through fibre under the ground but via microwave radio signals to a small dish that is fitted to the client’s property.

Our new client already had a fairly small call centre but was growing more rapidly than they had expected and needed a short to medium term solution. It was agreed that they would start on our C:2000 tariff which includes 2000 messages a month with the expectation that this will drop to around C:500 after the initial 6 months where upon Connect will only need to be used as an overflow option.

Our operators need to ascertain if the call is a new sales enquiry or support/faults before collecting the relevant information before passing on via email to the correct department.

Property Developers (September 2017)
Dealing with flat and loft conversions, extensions and general house refurbishments, this London based firm of property developers signed up for our 30 day free trial direct from this website.

Our customer service team already had the basics of the information needed to set up a trial from the online application, but upon calling the client to discuss the finer details on how to handle calls, it transpired that there was so much more Connect could offer. The property developers had not realised our operators could act as essentially a front of house receptionist, not only answering calls but also being able to answer frequently asked questions about the business (thanks to the help of a bespoke script), arrange appointments and transfer VIP calls through to the correct person.

Our new client decided against using us for their diary management as during the course of the trial it became apparent their employees did not have regular enough access to the online diary. They were, however, more than happy with our basic receptionist service and are currently on a C:75 tariff which has 75 inclusive messages for £89.99 per month.

Online Marketing Agency (September 2017) Website and logo designer
Focussing entirely on online marketing, our new client covers a wide range of services but specializes particularly in website and logo design. The agency does not have a physical office as most of the designers are home-based consultants with most client contact being via email, telephone and occasionally Skype.

Although the agency does not have a headquarters or physical office as such, they were keen to give the impression that they do in order to try and attract larger clients. Connect now provide a London local presence telephone number to the agency, with all calls being answered professionally in our UK call centre.

New enquiries are transferred to a dedicated sales person and existing clients are transferred to the designer assigned to their current project, if unavailable our operators collect contact details and email the designer to request a call-back.

Mortgage Leads Supplier (August 2017) Supplier of mortgage leads
A nationwide supplier of mortgage leads and introductions contacted us with an unusual request for a large volume of smart numbers, in particular geographic numbers throughout the UK. These type of numbers are all 01 and 02 prefixes and are called local presence as, although the caller is charged the same for a local number to them, the termination point could be anywhere in the country our client chooses. This being, for now, Connect’s call centre in Edinburgh.

Our client has built a large network of mortgage advice websites and was wanting to add geographically relevant contact numbers to each site of which they were around 50.

Connect’s advanced telephone system recognises where each website visitor is calling from and our operators answer the calls in the company name whilst also incorporating the relevant location. We then submit the callers details to the nearest pre-approved mortgage advisor.

Cheesecake Bakery (August 2017) Yorkshire cheesecake bakery
With local shops across Yorkshire and producing cheesecakes for a growing number of larger wholesalers, our new client was nervous about missing any potential orders after learning of the difficulties one of their main clients had experienced when trying to contact them.

They approached Connect unsure of how the service would work for them but our customer service team talked them through the options available and set up a 30 day free trial to allow them to try the call answering service without any commitment.

Calls came through to Connect as an overflow and during the course of the trial we answered 9 calls out of which 6 turned out to be orders, 1 being a very large one. Our new client was delighted to continue the service on our Starter tariff at £19.99 a month and even sent a sample of cheesecakes up for the operators to enjoy.

I’d like to congratulate your company on being 100% responsive from the first call to the set up and then the call logging provision. Just brilliant. No one else, and there were a few, local to us and national came close on efficiency, responsiveness, friendliness or convincing us they were competent to deal with their own enquiries let alone ours.

We appreciated the low cost flexibility you offered for a short period (no one else wanted to know!). I would not hesitate to endorse your highly efficient approach to call answering. Well done to Connect! Thank you for your help.

Craig Piper

Director, Complete Presentation Ltd

Click here to view more case studies and recent clients

How does it work?

Calls will be answered by your virtual reception as you instruct and callers should not realise that their call has been answered outwith your normal office.

Our operators can:

  • take a message then email or text message the details you require through to you
  • act as an outsourced reception and transfer calls through to the relevant department
  • look after your diary management and access your diary to make/amend or cancel appointments
  • become your sales line, take payment and process orders for your business

Connect will provide you with an unique phone number for your business with which you can then either divert your current line at or use it for your marketing or website. The number that we provide to you can be either local to your business area (0208, 0131, 0161 for example) or a national “local number” (0845 or 0333).

Once we receive your profile (how you wish your calls to be answered, your company details etc) we can usually have you up and running in under 30 minutes, there is usually no other equipment or software that you need to install for your service to work.

Why do Businesses Outsource to Connect?

First impressions have always counted and no more so than today, as technology places your clients and prospects a mere click away from the competition.

Just take look at to see how many start-ups and established organisations invest in significant resources to get their message across to potential new users, so it’s reassuring that Connect offers a reliable and proven call handling service that ensures all your enquiries and inbound calls are answered within three rings.

  • a professional telephone presence that costs a fraction of an in-house resource
  • a UK-based, friendly and expert team to answer your calls
  • a flexible live answering service that’s tailor-made to meet your needs

Phone us on 0330 3333 777 or click here to apply online for a 30 day free trial

How to Divert Calls to Your Virtual Reception

call forwardThere are essentially two ways that you can send calls through to Connect:

The first is to use the call divert function on your line. In using this method it means that you are always in control of when calls are coming through to us, whether that’s when you’re on your lunch, when you’re line is engaged or maybe when you just want some guaranteed peace and quite to get on with your work.

For most it will mean simply typing in a short code into the handset to turn the call divert function on. We’ve written a small article on how to divert calls that provides codes for the UK’s most popular telephony providers.

The second way is for us to allocate a number that you can give out directly to clients to contact you. If required we can provide you with a smart number which, when using our callflow platform,can be programmed in a huge variety of ways. For example, your number could go through to your office on certain days and be answered by us on other days, ring on 5 of you numbers simultaneously for 20 seconds then if still not answered to come through to your Connect virtual receptionist service, we can even set up a menu selection so that a caller dials “1” for sales, “2” for accounts and so on when prompted.

Our smart numbers are a great way of organising your call routing and can be used as a stand alone product if you do not require our telephone answering service. UK numbers including 0800, 0808, 033 and all local area codes (for example 0208, 0131, 0141 etc) are available.

Page Last Updated: January 9th, 2018