UK Based Telephone Answering Service and Live Call Handling

Make every call count whether it’s 5 or 5000 per month

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Providing the best Call Answering Service in the UK

Packages starting from just £14.99 per month and a 30 day free trial.

Telephone Answering

Free up your time to focus on what you do best from as little as £14.99 a month for our classic call answering service.

  • Live message taking
  • Call transfers
  • Business continuity

Let our professional, UK based, call handling operators become part of your business.


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Virtual Receptionist

Our team of friendly, professional receptionists can answer your calls just as if they were in your office.

  • Call overflow
  • Outsourced switchboard
  • Diary management

Whatever your business, large or small, Connect has the complete telephone answering service.


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Customer Service

Make the right impression every time with our range of inbound call handling services.

  • Outsourced reception
  • CRM integration
  • Order/payment processing

Full contact centre capability for all your inbound calls or on-demand to support your existing team.


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calls answered by Connect in July 2022

Clear and transparent pricing

As well as our first-class customer service, what sets us apart is our clear and transparent pricing with tariffs for our classic telephone answering service starting from just £14.99 per month.

While other services charge for every call or for every second that a call lasts, our unique approach means that you don’t pay for wrong numbers, sales calls or the many other nuisance calls that plague many businesses.

Inbound call handling for every size of business

We provide everything from simple telephone answering, to call overflow, to online diary management, to full virtual reception outsourcing from our UK based inbound call centre.

Phone us on 0330 3333 777 to find out more or click here to set-up a free trial of any of our telephone answering services.

Recent news from the Connect office

Summer holidays are coming- help us to handle your telephone calls correctly

6th June 2022 – The annual overload of bank holidays is finally over but now it’s time to look forward and plan for the summer holiday season, so here is our gentle reminder to all our existing clients to let us know of any planned changes to your call answering service over the next few months.

Whether or not you plan to take a well-deserved break and get away from work over the summer, we’ll still be here to answer your business calls so it’s best to let us know early if we need to handle them differently.

Are call-back times or procedures likely to change?

If they are, please let our Customer Service team know so that responses to any enquiries we answer are correct and our operators provide the most professional service for your business.

If you do need to make any changes, please respond to any of your recent messages or call us on 0330 3333 777

Relaxing on holiday

How much does a business telephone answering service cost?

9th May 2022 – If your business is looking at outsourcing their call handling, then one of the main questions will be how much does your phone answering service cost?

We offer a 30 day free trial which gives a great estimate of cost but, if you’re looking for an immediate answer, then our new cost calculator will ask you a few quick questions to work out the most cost effective tariff for you:

  • How many telephone calls do you miss or expect to send through to us in a month?
  • Do you require a simple call handling service or something more complex like diary management?

Our calculator will then provide you with our best tariffs available and the option to set up a trial. Click here to try out our new cost calculator.

Introducing our new and extended free trial period!

6th April 2022 – Connect are pleased to announce that we are extending our free trial period up to a maximum of 30 days inclusive or 100 messages, whichever is reached first.

Our experienced operators can handle your business calls

We realise that 7, 10 or even 14 days of free service isn’t always going to be long enough to fully establish how our call answering service is working for your business. As our pricing is based on monthly tariffs, we feel it’s important that we give your business a true reflection of the volume of incoming calls we’ll answer and the number of messages we are likely to send.

Our telephone answering services come with the offer of a free trial not only to prove we can answer your calls professionally, but also to help you choose the most economical tariff to suit your needs.

Click here to apply online or call us on 0330 3333 777 for further details.

New and extended 30 day trial

Recent new telephone answering service clients

Events Venue (May 2022)

Based in the beautiful hills of North Yorkshire, our new client is an events venue that caters for weddings, corporate events and private functions. They have one main suite where the majority of larger events take place but also have 6 smaller private rooms available for meetings and such like. For formal events, such as a Wedding Breakfast, the main suite can seat up to 140 guests and for something less formal, around 200 for a buffet style event.

They was concerned that they may have been missing calls and that potential clients were not leaving voicemails. The data they had requested from their phone provider wasn’t adding up and so they decided they needed help answering calls.

The venue approached Connect to test our free trial in the hope of seeing a difference in using a live call handling service, as opposed to an automated one. They were amazed to find that their call-back requests more than doubled during the trial and were delighted to carry on using our telephone answering service on a paid basis.

A couple kissing on their wedding day
CCTV Installation Courses (April 2022)

Nowadays, installing CCTV isn’t just as easy as fitting a camera and plugging it into a monitor of connecting it to the correct Wi-Fi network. Our client runs courses over 5 days, all over England, to give the very best and up-to-date installation, safety procedures and software programming available.

All calls are now diverted to our telephone answering service where callers are greeted in our client’s company name by our friendly and professional operators. They are then guided through the available courses in their area, prices quoted, courses booked and payment taken online via PayPal.

If a caller’s questions are a little more detailed and beyond our operator’s scope of knowledge, we can transfer the call through to the business owner or, if unavailable, arrange a call-back by collecting basic contact details.

Installation of a CCTV camera
Aesthetics Clinic (March 2022)

Based in Harley Street, London, an aesthetic clinic that carries out a range of procedures including dermatology, anti-wrinkle injections, laser treatments and permanent hair removal. Most prospective patients find the surgery via online marketing promotions such as Wowcher and Groupon.

Our call answering service works very much as an entire virtual reception with all phone enquiries coming through to Connect so that the clinic is no longer missing calls. Our receptionists answer all telephone calls in the clinics name, take payment and arrange bookings via the online diary service Cliniko.

As the surgery doesn’t have the need for a physical landline for answering calls anymore, an 0208 virtual number was provided by Connect, this means that patients still recognise they are calling a London based surgery.

Aesthetics Clinic outsourced call answering to Connect
Wholesaler and Importer of Quad Bikes (January 2022)

Provider of quad bikes, motorbikes, scooters, buggies and spare parts to dealers throughout the UK. Our new client approached us in November 2021 looking to see if we could help over their busy Christmas period when sales understandably increased and they did not want to be missing calls.

Throughout December our call answering operators were available to help take their caller’s details, transfer to the correct department or, if not available, arrange a call back. What our client had not been expecting was how well our operators integrated into their team, and so seeing how our telephone answering service removes the need for a second receptionist, they decided that this was something their business needed on a permanent basis.

Our new client expects around 120 to 180 calls per month (around 30 to 40 a week) and so has signed up for our Classic:150 tariff.

Quad Biker
Edinburgh Plumber (November 2021)

Covering Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife, our new client is a plumber that found it very difficult to answer calls whilst he was out on a job. He suspected that many missed calls were potential new customers that simply went to the next entry in the Yellow Pages or Google, didn’t call him back and that the voicemail message on his mobile phone was actually costing him business.

Connect receptionists now answer all of his incoming calls and send details immediately via SMS txt message for him to call back at a more convenient time, usually within the hour.

Our plumber is not CORGI registered and so any callers looking for work on a gas boiler are given contact details for an associate that is registered. Following a successful free trial of our telephone answering service our new client chose our Connect 30 tariff and at just £49.99 a month, the package more than pays for itself.

Edinburgh plumber at work and not answering calls

I’d like to congratulate your company on being 100% responsive from the first call to the set up and then the call logging provision. Just brilliant. No one else, and there were a few, local to us and national came close on efficiency, responsiveness, friendliness or convincing us they were competent to deal with their own enquiries let alone ours.

We appreciated the low cost flexibility you offered for a short period (no one else wanted to know!). I would not hesitate to endorse your highly efficient operators and professional service. Well done to Connect! Thank you for your help.

Craig Piper

Director, Complete Presentation Ltd

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How does it work?

Your business calls will be answered by a professional and friendly operator, in our virtual receptionist service team, who will greet you callers with your company name or other preferred greeting.

The whole process is seamless so your callers will be unaware that you use a call answering service rather your own in-house team.

Your friendly and professional virtual receptionist can:
  • answer your calls using your company name or however you wish
  • take a message then email or SMS text the contact details you require immediately
  • act as an outsourced reception and transfer calls through to the relevant person or department
  • look after your diary management and access your diary to make/amend or cancel appointments
  • become your sales line, take payment and process orders for your business
How quickly can I set the service up in an emergency?

Once we receive your profile (how you wish your calls to be answered, your company details etc) we should have you up and running in under 30 minutes*, there is usually no other equipment or software that you need to install for your service to work.

Connect will provide you with an unique phone number for your business with which you can then either divert your current line at or use it for your marketing or website. The number that we provide to you can be either local to your business area (0208, 0131, 0161 for example) or a national “local number” (0845 or 0333).

*Please note that during busy periods of uptake, such as the recent coronavirus pandemic, new enquiries for our telephone answering service can take longer to set-up as existing client updates take priority.

Why do businesses outsource to Connect?

First impressions have always counted and no more so than today, as technology places your clients and prospects a mere click away from the competition.

Just take look at to see how many start-ups and established organisations invest in significant resources to get their message across to potential new users, so it’s reassuring that Connect offers a reliable and proven call handling service that ensures all your enquiries and inbound calls are answered professionally and quickly.

a professional telephone presence that costs a fraction of an in-house resource
a UK-based, friendly and expert team to answer your calls
a flexible live call answering service that’s tailor-made to meet your needs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do your operators know what calls are for which client?
Each client is given their own telephone number which they can either divert their calls to or give out to their callers direct. Calls coming through on this unique line are recognised by Connect’s systems and operators answer and handle the call as per the client’s instructions.
How do I divert my calls to you?

For most it will mean simply typing in a short code into the handset to turn the call divert function on. We’ve written a small article on how to divert calls that provides codes for the UK’s most popular telephony providers.

I only want you to answer some calls when I’m busy, not all calls?

By using the call divert method it means that you are always in control of when calls are coming through to us, whether that’s when you’re on your lunch, when your line is engaged or maybe when you just want some guaranteed peace and quiet to get on with your work.

Can I advertise the telephone number you give me?

Absolutely but you might want to think about using one of our smart numbers which, when using our advanced telephony platform, can be programmed in a huge variety of ways.

For example, your number could go through to your office on certain days and be answered by us on other days, ring on 5 of your numbers simultaneously for 20 seconds then, if still not answered, come through to your Connect virtual receptionist service.

We can even set up a menu selection so that a caller dials “1” for sales, “2” for accounts and so on when prompted.

Can I use a smart number without using your telephone answering service?

Our smart numbers are a great way of organising your call routing and can be used as a stand alone product if you do not require our answering service. UK numbers including 0800, 0808, 033 and all local area codes (for example 0208, 0131, 0141 etc) are available.

Page Last Updated: August 4th, 2022