Nail and Beauty Academy – Telephone Answering Service Case Study

A Bespoke Call Handling Solution for Newcastle’s Premier Nail and Beauty Academy

Just a few years ago, the Nail and Beauty Academy in Newcastle burst onto the scene, establishing itself as the go-to location for aspiring beauty professionals throughout the North East of England.

With a selection of courses that includes nail art, waxing, and a variety of advanced beauty courses, they really are on the cutting edge of the industry.

As they offer VTCT level 2 to 4 qualifications, both part-time and full-time, their student roster and client enquiries grew almost exponentially.

Rapid Expansion Means Reception Overwhelmed

However, with rapid growth often comes challenges. Their fantastic growth since their establishment in 2019 resulted in a unique predicament: they were delivering world-class beauty training, but their phone support wasn’t quite in tandem with the high standards they set in the classroom.

The Need to Outsource to Not Just Any Old Telephone Answering Service

Recognizing that first impressions matter and that every call represents a potential student or inquiry, the Academy acknowledged the need for a seamless phone support system.

They needed a solution that wouldn’t just handle calls, but would understand their business.

An online booking service was paramount, coupled with the ability to handle product-specific enquiries given the diverse range of courses on offer.

Nail and Beauty Academy Required Telephone Answering

Connect’s Tailored Approach to Telephone Answering

When the Academy approached us, they weren’t looking for a one-size-fits-all telephone answering service. They needed a service that, rather than act as glorified voicemail, provided a real human being that could understand the intricate details of their courses, and provide the same level of professionalism and warmth that they offered in their classes.

Recognizing these specific needs, we initiated a unique process tailored for the Academy:

Bespoke Interactive Scripting

To ensure our telephone answering mirrored the Academy’s voice and ethos, we developed an interactive script.

This wasn’t a bog-standard FAQ sheet; it was a detailed guide allowing our operators to respond to queries about courses, schedules, fees, and more.

Enhanced Operator Training

Given the Academy’s diverse range of offerings and the technical nature of some queries, we needed to provide our operators with enhanced training meaning that they could confidently handle intricate inquiries from potential students and clients.

Managing Call-back Expectations

In the rare instance where our virtual receptionists faced a question they couldn’t address, we didn’t leave callers waiting.

An efficient text message system was set in place to notify the relevant trainer at the Academy. This ensured that a callback was made within an hour, ensuring no prospective student or client felt neglected.

The Result: Happy Callers, Happy Students, Happy Client

The transformation was almost instantaneous. The Academy’s phone lines became an extension of their brand – professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. No longer were they losing potential students or clients due to missed calls or delayed responses.

The bespoke solution not only eased their operational strain but elevated their brand image, ensuring that every call was a reflection of their commitment to excellence.

The Nail and Beauty Academy in Newcastle is a prime example of how modern businesses, no matter the industry, can benefit from a tailored phone answering service.

Their choice to partner with Connect ensured they could focus on what they do best – nurturing the next generation of beauty professionals – while we ensured their first impressions remained impeccable.

Page Last Updated: September 21st, 2023