Virtual landline numbers from Connect

Connect can provide your business with a huge selection of programmable virtual telephone numbers.

Perfect if you need a more adaptive telecoms solution.

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How does a virtual number work?

Virtual numbers are cloud based so they do not need a physical landline to operate. They can connect to you and your business whether you’re in the office, working remotely from home or out on site.

We like to call them our “Smart Numbers“.

Your business can always be contactable on the same number, regardless of where you or your staff are physically. We offer 3 types of programmable virtual numbers: geographic, national and freephone:

Virtual Geographic Numbers
(01 and 02 prefix)

Sometimes referred to as a “local presence” number, a UK virtual geographic number is simply a local town, city or area that starts with the prefix 01 or 02 (so 0161, 0131, 0207 etc).

Perfect if you need to appear to be based locally or in a smaller area of the UK.

Click here to see our extensive list of local presence numbers available.

National Virtual Numbers
(033 and 0345 prefix)

All national numbers are actually virtual numbers, they don’t have a physical landline and are cloud based.

National numbers are a great way of showing you are a larger company and, as the name implies, cater for the entire of the UK rather than just a local area.

National numbers tend to start with the prefix 033, click here to purchase one today.

Freephone Numbers
(0808 and 0800 prefix)

As with national 03 numbers, freephone numbers are all cloud based as well meaning that they are easily programmed to follow you and your business whether or not you are in the office.

The main difference is that they cost the caller nothing to call you.

Click here to order a freephone 0808 or 0800 number

Combining a virtual landline number with our live telephone answering service

All of our virtual numbers can work in conjunction with our telephone answering service.

Our professional and friendly live virtual receptionists can handle as many or as few of your incoming calls as you need them to.

Your Smart Number can be programmed to direct and filter calls so that, depending on the time of the call, where it originated or the caller’s menu selection, each call to your virtual landline can be directed to either a member of your in-house team or to your Connect Call Answering Service.

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It could be that you wish all new enquiries to automatically go through to your dedicated sales team, existing clients through to their account manager and our operators deal with all other calls.

Again, we already have hundreds of clients that combine both services and even better: we offer a 30 day free trial of our UK based telephone answering and virtual receptionist services.

Click below to find out more or apply online.

Different ways to programme your numbers

Whether you choose a geographic, national or freephone number, they are all cloud based and highly programmable.


Incoming calls can be routed in a myriad of ways, the simplest being a 1-to-1 so that all calls to your virtual number are pointed to another fixed line.

This could be to your mobile telephone number or existing office line.


Some simple programming of your virtual landline number can also allow numerous telephone destinations to be tried all at once or as a round-robin rather than just 1-to-1.

You could also have a combination of the above where one number attempts to be connected for 20 seconds before the system moves on and tries multiple lines all at once.

Auto attendant and IVR menus

You may not know them by name but you probably interact with an auto attendant or IVR menu system most times that you call a larger business.

Thank you for calling ABC Limited:

  • please press 1 for technical support
  • press 2 for sales enquiries
  • press 3 for accounts
  • and for anything else, please press 4

Sound familiar? That’s an auto attendant IVR menu and they are available on all of our virtual landline numbers.

Incoming calls on your virtual number are greeted with a pre-recorded menu, depending on the reason for the call the menu acts as a cloud based receptionist who can send the caller to different destinations and telephone numbers based on their choice.

They can also be sent to another IVR menu if you require further filtering of calls, this would be called a multi-level menu system.

The level of programming and options available on our virtual landlines are huge, matched only by the huge variety of businesses that currently use our service.

What other features do virtual landlines offer?

Call Whisper

Sometimes called caller announcement, this is a pre-recorded message that is spoken to you before you answer the call. It can act as an introduction as to what the caller is wishing to speak with you about allowing you to identify and answer the call in a specific way if necessary.

For example; you have an auto attendant menu set up on your virtual number that asks the caller to dial 1, 2, 3 or 4 depending on which department they need to speak to. However, all numbers lead to the same place, your mobile. With call whisper enabled you are able to answer the call as “Good afternoon Accounts” or “Customer service, how can I help you?” because the caller announcement has told you which option the caller pressed.

Voicemail to email

Virtual landlines are great when you need to point calls to a certain person or department but what happens if that call comes in outside of your normal working hours?

Our voicemail to email function will greet the caller, record their message and automatically email it as an MP3 or WAV sound file to an email address or addresses of your choice.

Call recording

Perfect if you need to monitor calls, customer service or need potential evidence for disputes.

Call recordings, if enabled, are sent automatically on close of call via email as an MP3 or WAV sound file.

To avoid falling foul of any potential GDPR rules we would strongly advise that a pre-connection message is played to the caller explaining that “your call may be recorded for training or monitoring purposes”. Again, this can all be set up through your programmable virtual number.

UK Geographic Numbers Available

Our most popular geographic virtual numbers:

  • 0114 Sheffield
  • 0113 Leeds
  • 0131 Edinburgh
  • 0191 Tyneside
  • 023 Southampton & Portsmouth
  • 0116 Leicester
  • 024 Coventry
  • 028 Northern Ireland
  • 029 Cardiff
  • 0115 Nottingham
  • 0118 Reading