Smart programmable virtual telephone numbers from Connect

  • Local area numbers
  • 03 numbers (local rate)
  • 0800 or 0808 (freephone)
  • From just £7.99 per month

Connect offers a full range of programmable virtual telephone numbers including:

  • Local Area numbers (0161, 0203, 01674, 01223, etc)
  • 0800 and 0808 (freephone)
  • 03 numbers (local rate)

Quick and easy to set-up

Whichever type of telephone number you choose, it can be programmed to deliver calls to any location and even change the destination based on, for example, time of day.

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Like a normal telephone number but smarter

Local Area Numbers

Show your customers that you have a presence in their area with a local area number.

If you operate nationally or in a range of areas, a local phone number reassures potential customers that you operate in their area. In some lines of business, a local identity is particularly important, giving you the edge over your competitors.

Choose from any local area code in the UK (0203, 0131, 0161, etc)

03 Numbers

03 numbers are a cost-effective way of showing your customers that you really value their call.

The 03 prefix is widely recognised as a local rate call to anywhere in the UK, encouraging customers or potential customers to call you before they call one of your competitors.

Whether your business is large or small, an 03 number presents your business as a serious player on the national or regional stage.

0800 and 0808

Nothing tells your customer that you want to hear from them as much as letting them call you for free. A study by the Institute of Direct Marketing found that a freephone number can improve response to advertising by up to 185%!

An 0800 or 0808 number lets new and existing customers know that you are serious about customer service and gives you a real edge on your competitors in getting that all-important first call.

We can supply phone numbers for every area code in the UK, freephone or local rate number. Why not call us on 0330 3333 777 to find out how we can help give your business either a more local or national presence from just £7.99 per month.

Page Last Updated: February 7th, 2023