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Whether your business is large or small, never miss another call

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Out of the office, working remotely, staff absence or just busy?

By outsourcing to our virtual receptionist service, you can plan your day, confident in the knowledge that your calls are being answered and handled by a team you can trust.

Click here to set up your 30 day free trial today.

Perfect for a small business…

Your time is often the most scarce resource of all in a small business. Why not make more of it by freeing yourself from the phone?

  • Use your, and your team’s, time where it counts rather than chasing after incoming calls.
  • Build your reputation and brand.
  • Show the world your best side: professional, welcoming and efficient.

Your virtual receptionist will be the friendly, professional voice your callers hear first.

…or organisations of any size

Our virtual receptionist service is also ideal for larger companies who find call volumes swamping their in-house team. Outsource your overflow calls to Connect:

  • direct your phones to send us calls when your operators are busy.
  • our operators will answer your incoming calls just as if they were part of your in-house reception team.

To your callers, the process is seamless and they won’t be frustrated by an engaged tone or call queue.

Relax from as little as just £14.99 per month knowing that your calls are in safe hands as we professionally answer all the calls you can’t.

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Your virtual receptionists will:

  • Immediately send you a full message from each caller
  • Transfer callers to another department or person if required
  • Help callers with questions or queries about your business
  • Screen out sales and other nuisance calls


80% of callers won't leave a voicemail

In business, every call counts

There is no way of knowing if the next time your phone rings if it will be the first call from an important new client…. or yet another call trying to sell you something you neither want or need.

Using our telephone answering service, a call from that important new enquiry can be transferred straight through to you or a message can be sent immediately by email or SMS to the right person in your organisation.

Meanwhile, that cold caller asking when your business insurance renewal is due will be politely declined.


Free for up to 30 days for UK Business

See the difference Connect can make to your business by trying our virtual receptionist service free for up to 30 days or 100 messages, whichever is reached first.

Call us on 0330 3333 777 or click here to apply online.

How do Connect’s virtual receptionist services work?

Connect will provide you with a unique telephone number, this can be a number with a dialing code local to you or an 03 number and then:

1) Send your calls through to Connect

Choose to either divert your calls to the telephone number we give you or use that number to give as a point of contact for your clients. You remain in control of who you speak to and what is being said in a conversation.

When setting up a call divert you can choose whether to send all calls to us, only calls at certain times, when your line is busy or if your line is unanswered after a set number of rings.

2) Your virtual receptionist answers as you instruct

Normally our clients request that calls are answered with a Good morning, <your company name>, how can I help you?” but the call handling script is entirely up to you.

We can tailor greetings to fall in line with anything you request.

3) Take a message, transfer a call or make a booking?

Provide our operators with all the information they will need to be informed of your business and the general criteria being discussed.

We can take and record simple information such as name, phone number and email address as well as relaying information to you via email and/or SMS txt message. You remain in the loop and will be informed every step of the way.

If the caller needs a specialized answer we are happy to transfer the call to you or a team that has a specific answer. Our team is professionally trained to seem like they are sitting in the office next to yours. There is nothing “virtual” about our operators, we employ real people and our telephone answering service is on call whenever you need us!

Connect’s virtual receptionist service provides your customers with the information they need in order to buy into your business.

You provide us with all the information needed to handle your calls professionally and we can then either send a message to you instantly via email/text or we can transfer calls to the right employee, department or even through to your mobile telephone if you are out of the office.

Return to our homepage to see our full range of options or click here to see our virtual receptionionist pricing.

Recent new clients:

Award-Winning Video Production Company

Discover how an award-winning live streaming and creative video production company based in East London transformed their customer experience with Connect’s virtual receptionist service.

Facing challenges in managing a steady flow of incoming calls while maintaining their focus on producing high-quality content, this innovative company turned to Connect for support.

Read our detailed case study here to learn how the free trial of our telephone answering services not only improved their call handling but also boosted their overall productivity.

Learn about their experience during the trial and how it led them to continue using Connect’s service.

Award-Winning Video Production Company needed Virtual Receptionist

LaserTag Arena in Manchester

Discover how a popular LaserTag Arena in Manchester transformed their customer experience and increased bookings with the help of Connect’s Virtual Receptionist Services. Faced with a high volume of incoming calls and complaints, the arena’s management decided to explore outsourcing their call answering.

Having already tried a cheap virtual receptionist service last year they were hesitant as that had not gone well but after speaking with our customer service team they opted for a 30-day free trial with Connect. This led to impressive results: increased bookings, enhanced customer satisfaction, streamlined operations, and cost savings.

Our professional and friendly receptionists provided personalized greetings, efficient booking management, event organization, customer support, and escalation procedures. Read the full case study here and find out how Connect’s Virtual Receptionist Service can boost your business and streamline your operations.

Manchester LaserTag Arena trials our Virtual Receptionist Service

CCTV Installation Courses

Installing professional CCTV systems nowadays is no longer a straightforward process of simply fitting a camera and connecting it to a monitor or Wi-Fi network. Our client offers comprehensive courses across England that span over five days, covering the latest installation techniques, safety protocols, and software programming.

To provide excellent customer service, all incoming calls are now redirected to a Connect virtual receptionist. Our friendly and professional operators greet callers in the company’s name and assist them in selecting the most suitable course in their area, providing quotes, booking courses, and processing payments through PayPal.

If a caller requires more in-depth information beyond the scope of our operators’ expertise, we can transfer the call to the business owner or arrange a call-back by obtaining the caller’s basic contact details.

Installing a CCTV camera

Commercial Interior Designers

A small, London based business of commercial interior designers suddenly found themselves inundated with enquiries and sales for their office partitions after lockdown. They had been unprepared for such a huge surge in a product they had always seen as fairly complimentary to their main business.

Missing calls was only one of the problems they were facing. The rise in demand for their office partitions was meaning that they were no longer able to focus on the core of their business- interior design. With the majority of telephone calls answered now being about office partitions the company decided to set-up a new website so that they were hopefully able to split and manage both sides of the business better.

After their web designer recommended our virtual receptionist service they outsourced not only their call answering but also their online ordering to us. Find out here how we were able to help >

Office partitions built and supplied by our new client

Drone Pilot School

Offering courses nationwide to learn how to safely and legally fly drones, our new client came to us as they were having problems answering their phone calls after lockdown. As restrictions eased the school found interest in their PfCO certified courses really “took off” and previous call handling arrangements were no longer working.

Will all staff now working from home or out in the field, our operators now act as a first point of contact for all new and existing phone enquiries. The school now uses Connect as their outsourced virtual reception with calls being transferred to the relevant homeworker or instructor anywhere in the country. Read the case study here >

Pilot about to fly a drone by remote control

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