Our call handling services start from just £14.99 per month.

Whether you have 5 calls a month or 5000, Connect can help your business work smarter.

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Connect: The UK’s leading Call Handling Service

Whether your diary is always full or your team need to be able to step back and focus, Connect can help.

Rather than your day being one long series of interruptions, Connect’s call handling service puts you in control so you and your team can focus rather than have a ringing phone diverting your plans.

Whether you would like your Connect call handling service to deal with enquiries on your behalf, or collect callers’ details so that you can deal with them at the right time in your schedule, Connect puts you back in charge of your time.


Packages starting from just £14.99 per month and a 30 day free trial


Customer Service processes and more complex messages

    Includes everything in Classic plus:

    More complex message taking

    Bespoke operator training

    FAQs & additional data capture

    If you need more complex call handling services, our Pro packages include enhanced operator training, FAQs and more detailed information collected from callers.

    The complete inbound contact centre solution.


    Live message taking and call transfers


      Standard message taking

      Call transfers

      Classic training

      Businesses of all sizes use our Classic call answering service to handle everyday tasks.

      From taking messages to transferring calls to the correct team or individual, our team of friendly, professional receptionists will save both time and money.


      Integration with your online diary

        Includes everything in Classic plus:

        Diary management

        Bespoke operator training

        FAQs & additional data capture

        A call handling service specifically designed to access your online diary and manage calls for your clinic, restaurant or any other business whose callers need to make, amend or cancel an appointment.

        Key Call Answering Stats for April 2024:

        phone calls answered by Connect

        minutes saved for our clients

        unsolicited sales calls identified

        A call answering service tailored for your business

        We understand all businesses are different, so we have made our call answering services fit around what works best for you.

        As unique as you are

        No two businesses are the same; we will custom-build your call handling service to match your individual requirements.

        Never miss an opportunity

        Capture every sales lead, no matter how busy you are.

        Real People

        No, recordings, no AI, just real people who sound great on the phone and always go the extra mile.

        Here when you need us

        Use our call handling services as often or as rarely as you need to.  You’re in control of when we answer your business calls.

        Real conversations

        Our bespoke software gives your call handling service all the information they need to have free-flowing conversations with your callers, just as if they were part of your business.

        Transfer or message, it's your call

        Choose which calls you would like to have transferred to you or a colleague, and which you’d like a message for.

        Our Call Handling Services help you work smarter, not harder.

        Whether your day always has a full diary or your team just need to be able to step back and focus, Connect can help.

        Rather than your day being one long series or interruptions, imagine a service that puts you in control. You and your team can focus fully on the job in hand rather than have a ringing phone divert your plans at any time.

        Whether you would like your Connect call handling service to deal with enquiries on your behalf, or collect callers’ details so that you can deal with them at the right time in your schedule, Connect puts you back in charge of your time.

        How do our inbound call handling services work?

        Your Connect call handling service can be tailored to be as simple or as complex as you need it to be. Our Customer Services Team will get to know your business, your customers and your operations.

        Don’t worry: we do all the hard work, we just need a few minutes of your time.

        They will put together your call handling service profile which is the blueprint for how all your phone calls will be handled. We will cover everything, starting at the beginning:

        Operator with 9 tips to better call answering

        How you would like us to greet your customers and other callers?

        Your call handling service profile will give your call handling team everything they need to become part of your business.

        Some call handling services include dynamic, on-screen resources that allow operators to answer your clients questions or choose the correct person or teams to send a transfer or message to.

        We can also operate services with Frequently Asked Questions and other resources to allow us to answer your customers questions.

        Tailored to your business needs

        Whether you would like to receive a message for every call or would like some clients to be transferred through to your mobile phone if you are out of the office, we can put together inbound call handling services that give you exactly the support you need.

        A typical telephone answering service set up for a small business is to have their office phone set up with routing to their answering service after a short number of rings to ensure that they never miss a call. Our operators will then answer every call just as if they were part of the business.

        Often, clients ask us to take a message after answering each call with the exception of urgent calls or calls from specific, high value clients or customers who they might ask to have transferred to a specific person or group within the business.

        Operator with 9 tips to better call answering
        Operator with 9 tips to better call answering

        Outsource your switchboard

        Larger companies might provide us with a staff list that we will build into their call handling service profile to efficiently guide our receptionists to send the message or call transfer to the correct location.

        From a straightforward reception service to complex, multi-destination services that route calls and messages according to the customer or other callers reason for calling, we can support your business and your customers exactly when and how you need us to.

        Why Choose Connect?

        Whether your business is large or small, Connect is the ideal provider to put together a range of flexible answering services combining real people with the efficiency of best-in-sector software and operations, together delivering the very best communication services and, ultimately the great customer experience that you and your clients expect.

        Our dedicated, exceptional Customer Service team are always available for contact to discuss your service and to assist our clients in any way they can. Perhaps you would like to change how we manage some calls on your service or maybe you would like to add to the information that agents collect from callers. Whatever the query, from starting up the service to invoicing, they are always happy to help improve our services whether it is by email or over the telephone.

        Call handling can often be the first communication with your business that customers have so we make sure that our call handling service is reliable, professional and always reflects well on your organisation. Carefully tailored training is always key to this, that’s why we invest in all our UK based agents from day one to develop their soft skills, confidence and communication skills. On top of that we build practical expertise in answering calls, how best to manage challenging callers and a wide range of other hands-on telephone skills.

        Once our trainers are happy with an agent’s performance in these areas, we introduce them gradually to customers with more complex services and to answering more challenging types of telephone calls that require more complex messages. It build into a flexible and valuable addition to the agent’s professional skillset, which many of them continue to use, answering calls with us for many years.

        Still Have Some Questions? Our FAQs Can Help:

        How do you know what information to take from my calls?

        A crucial part of your telephone answering service profile is what information you would like us to collect from each caller. Every call handling service profile will ask the operator to collect the caller’s basic details: name and telephone number but you might need some information that is specific to your industry or company: Perhaps you need each customers postcode, or their invoice number; maybe you need to know when and when they would like your service.

        Whatever you need our virtual reception team to collect from your callers, no problem. We are used to handling services for businesses in every sector so, no matter how detailed or unusual the request, we can build it in to your call handling profile.

        Our current systems are the result of many years of development, focusing on customer satisfaction but their real purpose is to let our operators provide that personal, human touch during call handling by having our system give them full support by providing them with information as they need it in real time.

        Unlike other call centres, our UK based teams are recruited for their ability to give that personal touch to every call. Our telephone answering service combines the best aspects of free-form customer relations and on-demand information systems to give you clients a customer service experience that ensures building trust with your organisation every time a customer calls.

        How many calls will you answer for me?

        When it comes to when or how many calls we answer for you company, you are in control.

        You can choose to send as many of as few inbound calls to your telephone answering service as you need to, depending on your staffing, when your busy periods are or other any other factors. Perhaps you only need help with call handing at certain times of the day or week; or perhaps you need your telephone answering service answering all your calls.

        Whatever you choose, we can support your business and its calls whenever you need it.

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