Conveyancing Solicitors – Case Study

Our new client, a top-tier firm of conveyancing solicitors based in Liverpool, is renowned for their specialist services in conveyancing and property law. They cater to a wide geographical expanse that covers not just Liverpool but also Manchester, West Derby, and Warrington.

With an experienced team of solicitors, they handle a substantial portfolio of cases, managing new enquiries and serving existing clients concurrently.

The Challenge: Streamlining Calls and Enquiries

Operating in such a dynamic and fast-paced field, our client was challenged with efficiently managing the inflow of calls from new enquiries and existing clients.

The firm needed a solution to streamline call handling, ensuring that new enquiries were routed separately as a dedicated office managed them. Meanwhile, calls from existing clients required a different approach – either being transferred directly to the solicitor handling the case or recording a detailed message to be emailed to the relevant person.

The firm approached Connect, seeking a custom solution that would adhere to their unique requirements.

Tailored Solution

In response to the firm’s specific needs, Connect proposed a bespoke virtual receptionist solution. We would handle all inbound calls, directing each call according to its purpose and the client’s requirements.

For calls from existing clients, our virtual receptionists would act as an extension of the firm’s in-house team, essentially working as an outsourced reception team. These calls would either be transferred directly to the case officer or a detailed message would be taken and sent via email to the appropriate person, ensuring that no crucial information slipped through the cracks.

Bespoke Call Handling and Online Form Filling

New enquiries presented a different challenge. These calls needed to be handled with precision and tact to capture as much information as possible for the solicitors to follow up. To meet this need, Connect’s professional operators were trained to meticulously fill out a secure online form on behalf of the callers.

By collecting detailed information, we ensured the best-suited solicitor could promptly contact the potential client, thereby enhancing client engagement and satisfaction.

Solicitor David required call answering

The Connect Advantage: Seamless Call Management

With Connect’s virtual receptionist service, the conveyancing firm was able to streamline their call handling and enquiry management processes effectively. This bespoke solution allowed them to focus on their core business – providing top-notch conveyancing and property law services to their clients – while leaving the administrative tasks to Connect’s dedicated team.

By having a trusted partner handling their call management, the firm improved its operational efficiency and enhanced client communication. Our commitment to capturing detailed client information for new enquiries and relaying messages for existing clients ensured that no call went unanswered, and every client felt valued.

With Connect as the first point of contact, the firm could maintain a professional, welcoming image, reflecting their reputation for excellent service. As a result, they could continue growing their business, confident that Connect was competently managing their calls. In the end, Connect’s virtual receptionist service was more than just a solution; it was a strategic partnership driving the firm’s success.

Page Last Updated: July 7th, 2023