Piano Teacher and Tuner – Case Study

Meet James, our new telephone answering client, a gifted piano teacher and professional tuner based in Newcastle. As a dedicated artist, he splits his work into two separate businesses – piano teaching and piano tuning.

His love for sharing knowledge leads him to spend most of his time teaching, often leaving him unavailable to answer telephone calls from potential clients. This is where Connect’s call answering services come into play.

The Challenge: Juggling Two Businesses

For James, striking a balance between his teaching commitments and his piano tuning business was a complicated task. As his teaching hours expanded, he found himself increasingly unavailable to answer calls from potential tuning clients. Without a designated telephone number for each business, he was missing important opportunities.

A solution was needed to manage his incoming calls effectively, ensuring no prospective client went unanswered.

The Solution: Outsourcing to Our Telephone Answering Service

Connect stepped in to provide a streamlined, efficient solution to James’s dilemma. Recognising the importance of a local connection, Connect provided James with a Newcastle 0191 telephone number. This allowed his clients to instantly recognise him as a local service as up until now, he had only been using his mobile number for marketing.

But we didn’t stop there. We assigned our trained operators to handle all new and existing enquiries on James’s behalf.

A Tailored Approach: Assigning a Dedicated 0191 Newcastle Number

Providing a dedicated Newcastle number was a crucial part of the solution. It not only allowed James to differentiate his two businesses, but also cemented his local credentials. When prospective clients called, they were reassured by a familiar local area code.

This seemingly small detail made a huge difference to James’s rapport with his client base.

James the Piano Teacher that was missing telephone calls

Ensuring Seamless Communication: Operators on Hand

But providing a local number was just the start. To ensure no call went unanswered, our experienced operators were on hand to manage all incoming calls. Whether a client was booking a tuning appointment or a student arranging a piano lesson, our telephone answering service team was there to ensure a seamless process.

The operators didn’t merely answer calls, they actively handled all new and existing enquiries with professionalism and efficiency. From taking messages to answering basic queries, they ensured James’s clients received the best service possible.

Immediate Alerts: Keeping James in the Loop

To keep James connected with his businesses, we implemented an alert system via email and SMS text messages. Every time our operators handled a call, James received an immediate notification with details about the client’s request or enquiry.

This ensured he was always in the loop and could prioritise his responses accordingly.

Conclusion: Making Music without Missing a Beat

Through Connect’s telephone answering service, James was able to continue nurturing his piano students and tuning pianos without worrying about missed calls or potential business slipping through the cracks.

We didn’t just answer his phone calls; we provided a comprehensive, personalised solution that allowed James to focus on what he does best – making music.

Connect’s professional call handling not only helped James manage his two businesses more effectively, but also offered a seamless and professional experience to his clients, showcasing his businesses as reliable, responsive, and above all, local.

By entrusting his call management to Connect, James made sure that his businesses never missed a beat.

Page Last Updated: June 12th, 2023