Adventure and Events Company – Case Study

Providing Extraordinary Stag and Hen Party Experiences

Our new client, an adventure, activity, and events company based in Newcastle, mainly specialises in organising stag and hen parties for clients across England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland.

With a wide range of activities, the company ensures that callers have an occasion to remember, whether it’s a day of white water rafting in Aberfeldy or a weekend of partying in Amsterdam.

Missed Calls Becoming a Challenge

The events company faced a challenge in managing the high volume of incoming calls from prospective stag and hen party organisers seeking unique and unforgettable experiences. As their reputation grew, their client base expanded, attracting callers from all corners of the UK and Ireland.

They needed a solution that could efficiently handle these potentially missed calls while capturing essential details to create tailored event experiences.

Finding The Solution: Connect

To address these challenges, Connect, partnered with the events company to provide a comprehensive telephone answering service.

Our operators were trained to not only gather basic event details like location, date, attendee count, and budget but also to understand the specific desires and preferences of callers. This allowed our client to create and offer personalised recommendations and ensure that each caller would have an occasion to remember.

Whether the caller was interested in a thrilling adventure like white water rafting or seeking a vibrant party experience, our operators utilised their knowledge and expertise to guide the callers and provide them with the necessary information to make informed decisions.

Hen party enjoying the night

Results of our Telephone Answering Service Trial

The implementation of our telephone answering service had a significant impact on the events company’s business operations, enabling them to excel in providing unforgettable stag and hen parties:

  • Efficient Call Handling:
    Connect efficiently managed the high volume of incoming calls, ensuring that no potential leads were missed. Our operators promptly answered calls and delved into the specific desires and preferences of callers, understanding their vision and helping to tailor recommendations accordingly.
  • Personalised Event Experiences:
    By capturing detailed information and understanding callers’ preferences, the events company could create highly personalised event experiences. Whether it was an adrenaline-filled adventure or a lively party weekend, each caller received customised suggestions and guidance to ensure their occasion would be truly memorable.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:
    Callers were impressed by the expertise and attentiveness of Connect’s operators. Thanks to an extensive FAQs sheet, prepared by the client, our operators not only met but exceeded the expectations of the callers.
  • Expanding Market Reach:
    The events company’s reputation spread beyond Newcastle, attracting callers from various locations across England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. Connect’s telephone answering service accommodated this nationwide reach, offering tailored recommendations for each unique caller, regardless of their location.


The decision by our new client to partner with Connect for their telephone answering service requirements has proven instrumental in creating unforgettable stag and hen party experiences for callers. By outsourcing their call handling and lead management to Connect, the events company has managed to take back control of their high volume of incoming calls, can offer personalised recommendations, and exceed customer expectations.

Our telephone answering service has played a vital role in our client’s continued growth and success, enabling them to provide unique adventures and exceptional party weekends. Whether it being swept away in the white waters of Aberfeldy or enjoying the vibrant nightlife of Amsterdam, our operators help to ensure that each caller has an occasion to remember.

Through personalised service and attention to detail, our client has become the go-to choice for those seeking extraordinary stag and hen party experiences throughout the UK and Ireland.

Page Last Updated: May 18th, 2023