Case Study: Tree Surgeon based in Leeds

Our new client is a sole trader based in Leeds who provides tree surgery services to residential and commercial customers in the area. Over the years he’s built up a strong reputation for quality work and excellent customer service.

However, as he was taking on more and more work he was starting to realize he was missing out on potential business due to missed calls.

The Challenge: to stop missing calls

The Tree Surgeon knew he was missing only a couple of calls a day but he had always believed that callers would just leave him a voicemail. Unfortunately, after taking the time to look into this belief, he realised this wasn’t the case.

He made the decision to turn his voicemail off and really try his hardest to answer calls but this turned out to be a worse solution as it was somewhat challenging to manage calls while on a job site or actually halfway up a tree, which again will have led to frustration for potential and existing clients.

The Solution: a free trial of Connect’s call answering service

After happening to have spoken with a past, previously happy client that had decided to place their business elsewhere, he decided to do something about it and he contacted Connect to ask about how our telephone answering service could help him.

We explained how the service works, how it could work for his business and rough costs based on his estimation of missing approximately 5 to 10 calls per week.

As always, the easiest way to show how our call answering service works was to take us up on our offer of a 30 day free trial, which he did.

During the trial period, we answered calls on behalf of the Tree Surgeon, in his company name, and provided a professional and prompt response to clients’ queries and concerns.

Tree surgeon about to climb a tree

The Result

The trial was a success, we answered 35 calls and sent 29 messages meaning that the most economical tariff for our new client was our C:30 priced at £54.99 per month (plus VAT). The Tree Surgeon did question why there was a discrepancy on the number of calls answered versus the number of messages taken and this was due to 4 unsolicited sales calls, 1 wrong number and 1 call from our client testing the line, none of which resulted in messages/charges. Our live call answering service now provides several benefits to the Tree Surgeon, including:
  1. Improved Customer Satisfaction: Our telephone answering service ensures that prospective and existing client calls are now answered promptly and professionally, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.
  2. Increased Efficiency: The service acts as an outsourced receptionist, we are able to answer most general queries and any that we can’t, we can organise a call-back at a time convenient to both the Tree Surgeon and caller.
  3. Cost-Effective: The service is less expensive than hiring a full-time receptionist, while ensuring that clients’ calls are answered professionally. Our free trial was able to guide our new client as to which tariff was the most appropriate. As we offer a monthly rolling contract it also means that he can decrease/increase the tariff as and when his busy periods arrive in the year.

Conclusion: Happy callers, Happy clients

The Tree Surgeon’s decision to try our telephone answering service is definitely one that he’s glad he took. The trial successfully demonstrated the benefits of outsourcing his calls and some receptionist duties and has helped lead to a near full book of business as we approach March, so much so that he’s now considering taking on an apprentice

Page Last Updated: May 19th, 2023