4 reasons to opt for a virtual reception service

Written by Nicky Walker - Senior Marketing Developer

The need of a customer support service is now a necessity for many growing businesses; however, the budget constraint might not allow them to hire reception staff for providing this level of support and/or reception services. The solution to such a problem is by outsourcing to a service such as Connect’s phone answering and diary management services. It can come in very handy if your business is in a growing phase and you are operating on a tight budget.

Let’s further elaborate some of the top reasons behind the importance of virtual receptionist services.

Keeping costs down


The main difference between hiring an in-office receptionist and opting for virtual one is the cost. By employing in-office reception staff, the various expenses that will be added to your liabilities include their payroll, insurance, benefits etc. Furthermore, you might have to purchase additional office equipment and furniture for the reception area.

You can save all this cost by employing the services of a virtual receptionist; you simply have to pay them a certain pre-decided amount per month and enjoy the extensive benefits.

Keeping in touch with staff and customers

Always in touch with your business

By outsourcing to a service such as Connect’s it means you are able to keep in touch with your business on the go even if you aren’t in your office. The operators at a virtual reception will screen the calls and transfer it to on your home number or mobile number regardless of your location. This feature will ensure your availability to your clients at any time of the day.

Even if you aren’t available, a friendly and professional operator will take a message and convey it to you upon your availability. This will enable you to never miss out on a customer or client and get you better ROI.

Reliable staff

Reliable and professional

All staff and operators employed by Connect (and you’d hope other virtual receptionist services) receive detailed training on each new client and also refresher training to make sure they are always up to date with your company procedures. They are dedicated to their work and will make sure to satisfy your clients in the best way possible.

By hiring the services of a virtual reception, you will not have to worry about your receptionist taking breaks in between work or days off due to illness or any other reason as the operators at Connect Communications will be there for their assistance. They will be handling all the queries of your clients or customers related to your business in the best way possible.

Get more from your existing staff

Enhanced productivity

Since your employees are relieved of the additional responsibilities such as answering phone calls, providing information to clients etc. this allows them to focus more on their work and enhance their productivity.

The enhanced productivity of your employees will definitely bring more fruitful results for your business. Not only that, the staff at Connect’s virtual reception will hopefully become an inexpensive and easily managed extension of your existing staff as well as being responsible for handling your appointments and incoming calls.

To sum it up, the outsourcing to such a service is an ideal option for any growing, small and medium sized businesses as they will be able to enjoy superior customer support and reception services without disturbing their budgets.

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