Free trial is here to stay

Written by Nicky Walker - Senior Marketing Developer
23rd June 2016 

Why our 14 day free trial is here to stay

Why do you offer such a long trial?

Operator Joanne at workWe know that our service may be a new concept to many businesses and so a one week or 10 day trial probably isn’t long enough to fully get used to how we work. 10 days also isn’t really long enough for us to see how your business works, we know and understand that you may have special requirements and we don’t expect to know everything about your business in such a short time.

Our trial isn’t just for you to see how we work, it’s for us to see how you operate and to streamline our procedures to give your callers the best service available.

Our trial starts when you start, in other words the 14 days of free service begin when we receive your first call, not from the provisional start date.

What’s the catch?

Honestly there’s not one, if you feel the service isn’t for you after 14 days just let us know and the account will be closed down. If, however, you like the service and choose to go ahead then the messages received during your trial period will be used to calculate the most cost effective tariff we have.

I’m off on holiday for 2 weeks, can I use the free trial?

Happy on holidayWe hope you have a lovely holiday and remember to take plenty of sunscreen, however, our free trial is not intended for such occasions unfortunately.

The free trial is only to be used during your businesses normal working schedule, if you require holiday cover we have tariffs available for that and you are more than welcome to take up our offer of a free trial when you return, all relaxed and tanned.

What if my business really takes off and I’m on too low a tariff?

Congratulations, that’s great and we’re here to grow with you, we are more than happy to backdate your tariff if you experience a sudden growth to make sure you are on the best tariff we have. Equally if business is perhaps seasonal and call levers drop, then there is no problem in reducing down to a more suitable tariff.

Is the 14 day trial a time limited offer?

Quick, apply now before it’s too late! No not at all, we plan to keep our trial at 14 days for the foreseeable future to allow all prospective clients the time required to fully appreciate our professional, friendly call handlers and service.

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