Solicitors Firm in Milton Keynes – Case Study


Although based in Milton Keynes, the firm offers an expansive range of legal services for clients throughout the UK but with the bulk of their business coming from London and the South East of England.

The majority of their services are able to be performed over the telephone so, aside from remote working, they were largely unaffected by the recent lockdowns imposed because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Their team of experts is made up by a number of experienced fixed fee Solicitors, Financial Advisors, Chartered Accountants, a Chartered Secretary, a Notary Public, a Chartered Tax Adviser, a Taxation Technician and a Trust & Estate Practitioner.

They are established members of the Law Society and are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Switching from the traditional office based workforce to a hybrid

Although the firm had not been greatly affected by the pandemic, as they had successfully switched to remote working, a shift in working practices became apparent when some of the staff began returning to the office in 2021.

The experience of working from home had left many of their staff looking to remain as they were or a hybrid of being in the office for only a few days a week and remote working the rest of the time.

This approach, although great for the firm’s workforce, was not particularly great for their existing reception service. Over the height of the pandemic the firm had relied on clients leaving a voicemail to arrange a call back and, in general, most callers accepted this due the situation the country was in. However, with things returning to normal a better level of service was expected.

Solicitors firm in Milton Keynes

Stamp duty holiday ends and a peak in telephone calls looms

The firm approached us in May following an audit of their telecoms as they had become aware that they were starting to miss a significant number of calls and enquiries. The number of voicemails left did not come close to the number of actual phone calls they were receiving, meaning that potential clients were being put off by not being able to speak with a solicitor or financial advisor immediately.

The firm approached Connect just as their calls were starting to go through an unusual peak, the end of the stamp duty holiday was coming to an end and as a result there was a rush to get house purchases completed by the end of June 2021.

Connect virtual receptionists do so much more than expected

Originally the solicitors had contacted us hoping that our operators would be able to answer calls on their behalf, take some details and arrange a call-back, but they had been unaware that our telephone answering service consisted of so much more.

Connect’s operators now act as a virtual receptionist for all calls, ask relevant questions (as guided by our client) and transfer the caller to the correct solicitor, chartered accountant or other financial advisor- no matter whether they are working in the office or remotely that day.

Our call answering operators have now become an integral part of the solicitor’s reception and they are delighted with the level of service our professional receptionists give to their callers.

Missed calls and voicemail are a thing of the past and our client has already seen a huge surge in prospective callers converting into sales.

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Page Last Updated: March 8th, 2023