Boilers and Renewables Systems Installers – Case Study


Installers of boilers and renewables systems to domestic households throughout the UK working in partnership with IDEAL boilers. Our client offers a free site survey along with a full written quotation that’s valid for 3 weeks, all gas installations are registered with Gas Safe and all solar installations are registered with MCS.

Along with installations our new client also offers boiler repairs and servicing. Running in tandem with their servicing, they also offer boiler and home cover meaning that there are no nasty surprises should anything go wrong even with a 12 year warranty.

They have a relatively small office in Essex which administers and provides support for all their technicians who tend to be out on the road for much of the day.

Sometimes one receptionist is just not enough

The business employs just one receptionist and for much of the time this has been more than adequate. However, during spikes in interest they found that they were missing telephone calls and potential new business enquiries due to multiple calls coming through at once.

They had tried sending overflow calls to their voicemail service but found that very few callers were leaving their details. They had also tried sending phone calls though to any available technicians but this really didn’t work either as they were too busy to either answer the calls or, if they were able to answer, they were not really in a position to take accurate details and callers were left with a poor first impression.

Matters had come to a head in the summer when their receptionist had been on holiday and they found they had received some rather unwelcome negative reviews on due to them not being able to answer existing client calls let alone new enquiries. Something had to change.

Installing a boiler

Providing a back up to their call answering and more

A contact in their trade had mentioned that they used our call answering service and so they came to us asking if we could manage their overflow calls only.

They were delighted to learn that this was not an unusual request at all and that Connect already has hundreds of clients that use the service purely as a back-up to their main receptionist desk.

At first they requested that our operators simply took a name, number and brief message with new enquiries being sent to a different email address to existing clients, but then they realised our virtual receptionists can do much more than basic call answering.

Working in tandem with their in-house receptionist

After running the free trial for a couple of days our client contacted our customer service team asking if we could possibly ask a few more questions from callers so that their receptionist was able to update their CRM without a bridging call. “We can do more than that if you wish” was the reply, extra training for our operators would be required, but we are more than able to access your CRM ourselves and update client records or even create new ones for new enquiries.

Following some brief training from their existing receptionist, our operators now answer overflow calls, access their CRM, create support tickets and relay any information needed by the caller about their account.

We handle calls whenever there is a spike in interest, during lunch periods or breaks, if their receptionist is on holiday or absent and any other time when their main receptionist is engaged or unavailable to answer calls.

They signed up for a tariff that accommodates 250 messages per month although they expect they will need to increase this as the winter period tends to be busier for them.

Page Last Updated: March 8th, 2023