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Bespoke call handling for law firms & solicitors in the UK

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With over a decade of experience, Connect’s legal call answering services offer the professionalism and personal touch that your clients expect.


Customer Service processes and more complex messages

    Includes everything in Classic plus:

    More complex message taking

    Bespoke operator training

    FAQs & additional data capture

    Our team of friendly, professional receptionists can answer your calls and more, just as if they were in your office.

    Whatever your business, large or small, Connect has the complete telephone answering service.


    Live message taking and call transfers


      Live telephone answering

      Standard message taking

      Call transfers

      Classic training

      Free up your time to focus on what you do best from as little as £14.99 a month with our classic call answering service.

      Let our professional, UK based, virtual receptionists become part of your law firm.


      Integration with your online diary

        Includes everything in Classic plus:

        Diary management

        Bespoke operator training

        FAQs & additional data capture

        An inbound call handling service specifically designed to access your online diary, schedule appointments and manage calls for your legal firm.

        An answering service tailored for legal firms and solicitors

        Meeting the specific needs of law firms

        Professionalism and discretion are key to our legal answering services team providing exceptional customer service.

        Intelligent transfers

        If requested, we can transfer calls to the relevant person or department in your law firm or, if they are not available, send them a message via email or SMS text.

        The human touch

        Your clients might be anxious about their reason for calling you so, with Connect, every call is answered by a real person rather than an answering machine.

        Here when you need us:

        Whether you have a full time receptionist and just find that there are times when the call volume means you need an extra pair of hands, or you need us to answer all your calls, our expert team are ready to help.

        The information you need

        Our virtual receptionists will work to your individual requirements to make sure that you always have the information you need from each caller

        A great first impression

        Our receptionists will make sure that potential clients feel welcomed, valued and reassured, whether you calls involve scheduling appointments or just passing on the caller’s details, we will make sure you never miss out on new clients.

        The legal answering service you can trust.

        Law firms of all sizes and with a wide range of specialisms trust Connect to answer their incoming phone calls.

        Over the years, we have worked with law firms and legal services from all over the UK to develop an answering service specifically designed to meet the needs of the legal sector.

        Whether your law firm needs help answering its calls throughout the working week or just at particularly busy times, we can help.

        Answering calls for law firms and legal services

        How Connect’s services work for lawyers, solicitors and law firms.

        If you or your team are unable to answer phone calls, our friendly and professional virtual receptionist team will become part of your business and answer calls on your behalf.

        Each caller will be greeted with your law firms own telephone greeting and from there we will direct the call according to the specific requirements of your law practice.

        Our professional receptionists can collect the information you need from the caller and send it immediately to the relevant person or team within your organisation.

        Alternatively, we can transfer calls through to the right person or department.

        What information you would like us to collect, where messages should be sent and how and where calls should be transferred is all part of your bespoke legal telephone answering service.

        Impress every caller
        From just £14.99 a month
        UK based operators
        Free trial of up to 30 days
        Call us 0330 3333 777

        Why Choose Connect for Your Legal Answering Services:

        UK-Based Team:

        Our UK based virtual receptionists are familiar with the legal landscape in both Scotland and England & Wales.

        We already manage incoming phone calls for a wide range of law firms and are familiar with much of the terminology and variety of enquiries that are unique to legal practices, whether their specialism is criminal law, family law, commercial or another area.

        Years of Experience:

        For nearly 20 years, Connect’s professional operators have been answering calls for businesses in the legal industry.

        Our virtual receptionists have the experience to make sure that you and your colleagues find that incoming calls are managed as seamlessly and do not get in the way of running your practice.

        Meanwhile, your callers will always receive the most professional service that they expect.

        Volume of Calls Handled:

        At Connect, we answer tens of thousands of calls on our customers’ behalf every month.

        Our infrastructure, systems and processes mean that your business can depend on ours for the accurate and efficient call answering service that you need.

        Data Security:

        We know the particular importance of client confidentiality and data protection to law firms and the legal industry, that’s why we have a strong focus on data security and ongoing compliance with the legal environment, including GDPR, governing data protection.


        Whether you need us to answer one call a day, one hundred, or several hundred, our answering services can scale to meet your requirements.

        Whether you have a growth in call numbers because of staff absence or a longer terms growth in incoming calls because of the growth of your business, our virtual receptionist service can meet your needs and grow with you.

        Cost-Effective Solutions:

        A full time receptionist can be hard to cost justify and even harder to recruit. Connect’s legal answering services can provide the same service for a fraction of the cost and with no overheads in terms of management, payroll or making arrangements for time off due to illness and holidays.

        We make sure everything runs smoothly and to your requirements so you can focus on your clients.

        Setting up our legal answering service for your law firm couldn’t be easier.

        We make setting up your call answering service easy:

        All we need is some information about how you would like the service to operate and we do all the hard work putting it together.

        Our online form allows you to tell us how to handle and route your incoming calls, from how to greet callers, what information to give to and collect from them and where to send a message or transfer the call to.

        If you need some advice or suggestions, our dedicated customer service team will be delighted to discuss your specific needs and put together a service that meets your business and clients individual needs.

        You are in complete control over which calls come to your legal answering service and which remain with your own team. If you have an in-house receptionist or a reception team, you might decide to send calls to your virtual receptionist service if your in-house operators’ extensions are engaged. Many customers, however choose to simply direct all calls to their legal answering service: it’s entirely up to you and the needs of your business.

        If you decide to refine any part of your processes, our dedicated customer service team are always on hand. Minor changes can usually be made in real time but we are also able to help with major revisions or additions to your processes.

        Find out how a legal telephone answering service can help your business, free for 30 days.

        We would love to show you what a difference our legal answering service can make to your law firm, that’s why we offer a free trial of the service for up to 30 days.

        To find out more or start your free trial, just call us on 0131 440 7777 or complete our service set-up form to find out how Connect can help your business.

        Page Last Updated: February 13th, 2024

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