On-Hold Marketing

Deliver powerful, tailor made messages to a receptive audience

We’ve just added a powerful promotional tool to our range of services – on-hold marketing.

It’s a fantastic way for your business to up-sell and/or cross-sell, and make sure your seen as a company with first class customer service.

The way it works is simple. When a caller is put on hold or into a queue they’re played tailor made messages that promote your business or provide useful customer information.

These can cover all sorts of topics:

  • special offers
  • specific campaigns
  • other products and services you provide

And they can be part of an ongoing marketing drive, or produced quickly to take advantage of a new opportunity.

Since they’ve already shown an interest in your company, you can be sure the audience you’re addressing is receptive.

At Connect we can handle every aspect of the service for you, including having messages created.

On-hold marketing has proved extremely successful in North America and it’s ready to make its mark in the UK.

Up-sell or cross-sell

Exploit new opportunities

Promote customer service

Enhance existing campaigns