programming a telephone number

Callflow: number programming made easy

Callflow is our online portal that lets you manage your programmable numbers quickly and easily. Each number can be programmed to direct incoming calls in an almost infinite number of ways.

For example, you can route calls though a menu and re-route calls if a line is busy, unanswered, or switched off.

You can distribute calls around different destinations, record calls, convert faxes to email, hold audio conferences and much, much more.

Additionally, our online interface provides full reporting.

Callflow can be used as a standalone service or alongside one of our call answering services.  Managing your Callflow numbers is simple.

  • re-route calls if a line is busy, unanswered, or switched off
  • route calls through a menu
  • queue calls while playing on hold music
  • distribute calls around different destinations
  • have voicemail that includes options for collecting messages by phone or by email
  • provide announcements on line
  • record calls
  • convert incoming faxes to email
  • hold audio conferences

Virtual telephone system

Route calls via a menu

Simple to manage

Distribute calls as needed

Quick and easy to set up