So Mrs May has called a snap election to take place on the 8th of June 2017, 3 years before many of us were expecting to drag ourselves down to the polling station yet again.

What does it mean to Connect?

I know my children will be heartbroken at having to miss another day of school as it’s used as a polling station but for Connect? In short it means the staff at Connect will be super busy on Friday 9th June as a large number of our clients will stay up late on election night and use our service whilst they catch up on sleep. It happened in the last general election of 2015 and we also tend to see unusual spikes in activity when large sporting events are on although England really did let us down last year in euro 2016!

If you are planning on staying up late and sending more business calls than normal through to Connect on the 9th June then please let us know if our receptionists should respond in a different manner, for instance if you would normally call clients back within the hour let us know if this will not be the case.

What does it mean to our clients?

Many of our clients are small and medium sized businesses so the really pressing issues to follow will be how each party will pursue Brexit negotiations (or not in the case of the Liberal Democrats) and potential raises in tax, in particular Labour’s pledge to raise corporation tax to 26% by 2020.

A foregone conclusion that the Conservatives will win?

General Election 2017 RunnersWell if I had written this little blog a couple of weeks ago then I would probably have said yes but in the last few days the Tories published their manifesto and let’s face it, they have experienced a rather large wobble with some polls registering a cut of 50% in their lead. Don’t upset the aging population Theresa! However, even taking this huge chunk out of the lead it still puts the Conservatives on 43% and Labour on 34%. What will be really interesting over the coming weeks is if this continues to tighten or if it really is just a little wobble and the Tories take off again.

North of the border the really interesting battle will be if the Conservatives can consolidate the gains they appeared to make in the local elections and gain a seat or two in Scotland or if the SNP will battle back those voters.

No matter the result, we’ll still be answering your calls

Whatever the result come the morning of the 9th June, our receptionists will be here, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to answer your calls, manage your diary and process orders.

Of course you don’t need to let us know when you are or aren’t planning on using the call answering service, but by giving our operators notice of any significant changes on how your business will be running for a period it allows our service to be as seamless and professional to your callers and clients as possible.