Here at Connect we focus on having happy well trained staff that are comfortable in their work. When we take on a new client we like to know about the business and understand what the client wants from our services, so we make sure that any one of our team that answers your call will have a smile on their face and know exactly how to answer any queries.

Happy staff make great operators and receptionists

Pyjama Day at Connect

Enjoying Pyjama Day at Connect

We believe happy staff really do project a fantastic image for your company. They say you can hear when someone is smiling and here at Connect we really believe in this. We also believe that training goes a long way to making staff happy, because well trained staff feel in control of the job in hand. If your staff are unsure about what they should be doing or saying, then they start to feel non- productive, they worry about answering calls and they start to stress about the job. Any of this will come across in their voice when they answer your calls.

It is very important to us that every one of your contacts, that speak to our staff, feel they are talking to a helpful, pleasant person in your business and that they leave the call feeling they have been treated politely by a happy well informed person, not a machine or someone who does not know anything about the subject of the call.

Reducing waiting times for callers

Our service reduces waiting times for your clients, they do not have to listen to dreadful music interrupted only by a recording saying how important they are to your business. We can also reduce the need for automated answering machines offering your contacts all sorts of irrelevant choices to try their patience.  All this reduces the stress for your customers or suppliers, so when they get through to a happy person who answers their query with confidence and understanding they leave the call feeling so well treated, it is almost a shock in this automated world.

Developing this image for your company is important to you and why you come to us. Our clients are our priority and it is our aim to create this image for you regardless of the size or type of company you have. Whatever your requirements, we have the happy staff to perform your tasks with knowledge and ability.

Not your average call centre

Busy Call Centre

Not how Connect operates or ever intends to

The fact that our offices are not the usual regimented call centre set up means our staff work in a calm stress free environment. They and more importantly your callers do not have to struggle to hear over hundreds of other calls. The call can be dealt with in a sedate calm manner and your callers may never know they were not speaking to your company.

So we truly believe that our call service success is driven not only by our state of the art telephone technology but also, as importantly, by our happy staff that project confidence and knowledge as well as a polite and helpful manner.