With our Diary Management service your clients can speak to our team and arrange appointments while you are working undisturbed with other clients. An online diary lets both you and your Connect Call Answering team work with exactly the same information at exactly the same time so choosing the best online diary is a must.

10to8smallConnect recommends 10to8 as the best online diary we have worked with. It has a wealth of features that are missing from smaller, less well designed diaries and is fully featured, without demanding more of your time to manage it.

Best of all, 10to8 lets your clients go online and book their own appointments as an alternative to calling your Connect Call Answering team.

By using the 10to8 online diary system with Connect’s professional call handling service, you give your clients the flexibility to book when they like, either on the phone or online, and they receive instant confirmation of their appointment by email or text. This gives your business a very professional image and gives you the peace of mind to know that every client booking or request is being dealt with. Never miss a booking or lose a new client to a competitor again.

10to8 and Connect have come together to offer a combined service at a specially discounted rate. Use 10to8 and Connect and 10to8 will give free access to your diary for Connect receptionists. Connect give you a further 10% discount on their normal price to make it easier!

10to8 and Connect have worked together to manage diaries and appointments effectively for a range of businesses, including complementary therapists, teachers and professional service providers. It is the range of services covered that makes this work really well.

How does it work?

It’s simple – your clients can book or change their appointments online with 10to8 or if they prefer to speak to someone, Connect answers and updates your 10to8 diary there and then. Professional reminders and appointment confirmations are then automated through 10to8, ensuring your clients are up-to-date with the right information without having to phone to confirm details. The cost of running your diary is kept to the minimum!

You eliminate no-shows and you ensure all potential new clients are booked in!

This joint service enables you to control your costs and avoid expenditure for a full time administrator or receptionist.


Connect from just £22.50 per month and 10to8 for £14 per month

Can you afford it? If you are a 1 person company and struggling to answer calls and fill your diary you can get your calls answered and a professional appointment management service from £36.5/month

This gets paid back in 1 more appointment booked!

If you are not sure try it for 1 month for free and see how many new customers and how many more appointments you get.

This offer is available to new and existing Connect customers. If you haven’t tried either 10to8 or Connect before, we offer a joint free trial so you can give it a go with no commitment and see how we could help your business.

  • You don’t have to worry about missed calls or double bookings
  • Clients will realise that you put them first
  • Save on unnecessary wage costs
  • Your diary is always up to date
  • Don’t lose potential clients.
  • Reduce no-shows
  • Cut your admin and spend your time more wisely