So, you have your telephone network all set up, with your key people allocated their own numbers. Customers can get through to the right people right away.

Then, one of your people is suddenly taken ill and has to stay at home. The calls they were receiving are going straight to voicemail or, worse, are being unanswered. Customers are becoming frustrated – not good.

If only you had a way to re-direct calls at the touch of a button. You caould make sure other members of the team are taking those calls. Customers get the kind of service they expect ­– much better.

Luckily, that sort of service is available. It’s called Callflow. It’s a very flexible system that lets you manage your calls in all sorts of ways.

As well as adapting to emergency situations like the one above it lets you:

  • route calls according to all kinds of criteria, such as the time of day or day of the week (handy for weekends)
  • give customers choice by routing through a menu
  • distribute calls around different destinations (handy if you have several sites).

You can also record calls, convert faxes to email, hold audio conferences, queue calls, provide announcements on line…the list is almost endless.

The way your call handling service works says a lot about your business. With Callflow it lets people know that you’re organized, thorough, forward-thinking and adaptable. Which is a pretty good reputation to have.

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