Nicky Walker | Senior Marketing Developer

nicky-profileNicky Walker is the senior marketing developer at Connect. He works closely with our operators and virtual receptionists to ensure that our websites and other marketing avenues are informative, welcoming and professional, just like our services.

Nicky has been instrumental in establishing our online presence via our websites, social media and PPC.

Graduating in Historical Studies from Sunderland University in 1999, Nicky soon realised that his degree had fairly limited uses in the real world and turned his hand to website design and eventually search engine optimisation.

Away from work, Nicky enjoys spending time with his wife and three children, karate, working out at the gym and supporting a terrible football team.

Achievements / Training

  • BA Hons: Historical Studies
  • PHP, XHTML and CSS
  • Site & Domain Management
  • WordPress Management

Recent posts by Nicky:

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