I was asked to give some examples of our clients for the blog and I thought it might be interesting if rather than just talk about our largest clients I could give you a snapshot of our current clients right now, as in who’s using our telephone answering service this very second (as I type it is 11:41 and 46 seconds on Monday 11th February 2013!)

An urgent call-back is required

So as I walk around our Edinburgh office I can see that Leona is on a call: Our client supplies medical devices and consumables and the caller has a problem as one of the machines supplied to their hospital is not working properly. Leona has taken the callers name, number and hospital name, the machine details and has sent an urgent request for a call-back. In this clients case that means she sent the message as a txt and an email.

Email sent to HR department

Sat beside Leona is Danielle (one of our team-leaders) who is on a call from an employee of our client. Fairly simple call this one, our client is a nationwide commercial cleaning company who has been using the service for several years now. The caller is an employee at a branch in Basingstoke and is looking to find out if his holiday request has been received, Danielle has dropped the HR department an email with the caller’s details requesting a response.

Existing chiropractic patient looking to book an appointment

Holly books an appointmentNext up is Holly who looks to be booking an appointment for somebody… it’s a patient of a Chiropractic Clinic based in Glasgow that we perform diary management for along with our basic call answering service. The caller is an existing patient and Holly has booked him in for today at 3pm using our bespoke online diary. Our client has been informed of the booking via email and txt message to her mobile.

Well I hope that’s given you a little insight in the sort of calls we can take and how varied our client base is. I might make this a weekly occurrence although I might start losing a friend or two in the office if they think I am spying on their work as I continue to peek over their shoulders on a morning!